A Summary Factory Planning Guide

A Summary Factory Planning Guide 1

Efficiency during production depends on the design of the factory. Professional planning reduces resource wastage and enhances efficiency. There are universal principles that guide factory planning. Here is a summary guide on how factories are planned so that they can achieve efficiency and reduce resource wastage.

Follow regulations that guide the establishment of factories in your field and geographical area. These regulations are developed after extensive consultation with experts. They are informed by lessons learned in the past and the safety of people working in the environment. The regulations dictate such elements as lighting, construction materials to be used, space utilization and air circulation, among other factors. Each industry has unique regulations to be followed. Manuals from these regulators will guide you and guarantee approval during licensing.

How much space do you have at your disposal? Investors have to with the high price of acquiring space. Space must, therefore, be utilized optimally. Regulators also provide guidelines on the amount of space to be used and what is to be left free. The space above the ground must also be used reasonably. If you can create basement areas, you will expand the space available.

How much have you budgeted for the project? Some designs can be exorbitantly expensive yet you can settle for cheaper ones. There are designs that would make your operations too expensive because workers or clients have to move around. Maximize resources available yet develop a plan that will still be effective.

There are modern ideas that will enhance your designs. There are new designs emerging from the market on a regular basis. These modern designs are based on efficiency, reduced cost, and better regulatory framework. Expert and experienced designers will help you in the process. Hire a proactive designer who enables you to take advantage of emerging trends in the market.

Plan your unit with safety in mind. Safety is usually determined by the dangers prevailing in the production environment. Regulators provide guidelines on safety that would be impossible to breach if your factory is to be licensed. Some of the safety issues to consider are escape routes, ease of movement, lighting, and guarantee for proper aeration.

Consider the efficient use of resources and the optimal running of your operations. Production units or departments that will be interacting often should be built close together. This saves your workers from unnecessary movements that would result in a waste of time. You will also reduce piping and wastage of materials connecting different units.

Factories take time to complete. In fact, they are continually being improved to meet changing needs. Provide room for expansion and reduce the need to demolish certain units every time you need to expand. Have a long term plan in mind when erecting any unit at a factory. Make provision for future expansion based on your long term plans for the area.

Work with professionals during design and installation. Professionals ensure that you follow laid down rules to guarantee the safety and also gain the approval of regulators. Reduce resource wastage through an efficient design that costs the least amount possible.

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