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Starting a business: is it a good idea in times of crisis ?

Start your own business and think about it for years. But with the Covid-19 health crisis, you wonder if we want to postpone the project and wait for an economic rebound. It is true that in times of crisis, some fermentation and other emerging companies (food destocking, rental of high-end second-hand clothes, everyday items, crutches, etc.).
However, an economic crisis is also an opportunity to identify new areas and needs for the explorer.

How to put all the chances on your side for the creation of your business in this period of crisis? Find all our advice in this article.

What are the most interesting sectors for business creation in this period of crisis ?

If you do not yet have a precise idea of your project, certain sectors are promising to start a business even in times of crisis.

  • Personal services
  • Ecology and renewable energies
  • The sale of Made In France products
  • Printing 3D objects
  • E-commerce (online sales)
  • E-learning (online )
  • French Tech: artificial intelligence, robotics and chemistry
  • Coaching, particularly developed during childbirth
  • Take-out catering with home delivery
  • Web jobs: developer, web SEO, web editor, web designer, graphic designer …
  • Telecommunication

Whichever sector you choose, it is important that your service offer or your products meet a need of society, of the consumer.

The benefits of starting a business in times of crisis

Setting up your business, with your business plan and your market research is not impossible in times of crisis. If the situation has multiple disadvantages (fewer customers, less income), there are still positive points.

First, it is possible that the communication costs are lower than before. Newspapers in particular charge a high price for advertising inserts. After a crisis like that of Covid-19, some will offer deals in order to find customers.
At the level of freelance graphic designers and communication agencies, prices can also be lower. The creation of business cards, flyers, logo, web banners and other supports you will then cost less.

In times of crisis, you can also train for free, which was particularly the case with coronavirus. Many companies have offered free webinars. The perfect opportunity to learn more about certain entrepreneurial aspects that you had not mastered before the big jump!

In addition, many professional coaches have made their services available to entrepreneurs, freelancers and freelancers free of charge. During an appointment, you have the opportunity to take stock of your project and take the time to think about each element (how you will organize yourself, the communication media you will favor, how to successfully manage life professional / family…).

Finally, stay on the lookout for promotional offers that will grow at the start of deconfinement and that can help you get started more easily!

What help for business creation ?

For the moment, the Covid-19 crisis has not affected assistance to entrepreneurs.
You can therefore still benefit from exemptions or reductions in your social contributions, such as the ACCRE and JEI (Young Innovative Enterprises) schemes. It is also possible to have access to a zero rate loan (NACRE), to maintain your unemployment benefits (ARE) or to receive a first activity in addition to your salary, at the end of your activity.

Many other aids exist and are listed in our dedicated article.

You have therefore provided support to support you in your project! It’s up to you to talk about it with the people who interest you to discover all the possibilities available to you.

Do you need start-up capital to get started ?

As we know, in times of crisis, savings can quickly run out. But do not panic, solutions also exist to help you find funds and start your business on the right foot!
The crowfunding system, also called crowdfunding, which consists of promoting your project on platforms, in order to find funds (donations, loans, equity investments).
In the same wave, you can also turn to the love of money. Unlike crowdfunding, your family or friends will be involved in your fundraising.

And then, some sectors do not require start-up funds, like web jobs! It is very easy to start a self-employed or independent activity with little expense. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer and a good connection and you’re good to go!

Test your project before you start

It is not because we are in crisis that you should shorten this part, on the contrary!
It is essential to test the feasibility, to confront the reality of your project before embarking on business creation.

This limited period allows you to fully understand your economic model, to see your strengths and weaknesses, but above all to have the opportunity to go to the end of the adventure.

By joining a structure of incubators or business incubators, you will have a legal framework (siret number, CAPE employment contract, purchase of operating equipment, accounting, etc.). In the same genre, wage portage companies are able to support you at the start.

This administrative support allows you to move forward, to network, to have managerial advice according to methods (lean start-up, agile) and to quickly find your first adopters (first adopters of new concepts).