Podcasting refers to the making and regulation of different podcasts and being broadcast to social media or the internet. Podcasts may involve video, audio, PDF and other files. The files can be subscribed and downloaded through different web syndication or else being streamed online from a mobile device or computer. Viewers and subscribers are able to watch, view, listen and transfer the episodes to different media players. When it comes to environmental issues interview podcasts, individuals must have a good idea on what kind of problems are in the society they are on.

Climate change has been a debatable topic and continues to elude many researchers. Some people do not believe that it is happening while others believe it. The majority of scientists and researchers have explained that both natural and greenhouse gasses are the main causes of getting changes. Global temperatures are dwindling and it makes the ice caps melt and cause sea levels to rise.

When the garbage is being disposed of through burning or nuclear, it will emit chemical toxins that are very dangerous to the health especially when breathing in. To eliminate this problem, everyone must limit their amount of waste every day. There are methods that can help lessen the garbage through recycling, reusing and reducing.

Even though the truth can be seen, many still deny that it is brought by climate change. The earth and oceans are getting warmer every year. To reduce the effects of climate change, everyone must build sustainability. By using renewable sources like wind and solar powers, this will combat against the changes. Limiting the garbage being thrown will also preserve the communities and entire cities.

The more living creatures they are living on a planet, the more carbon dioxide is being released and other gasses as well. The overgrowing of the population literally comes with a great cost of climate change and greenhouse effects. Until all the human leaders and citizens have realized this issue, their behaviors will not entirely change.

With the construction of the new structures in undeveloped lands, the flow of water especially from the rain is beginning to pose a threat. Many countries have suffered floods caused by soil erosion and illegal logging. Most of this has happened because humans are exponentially increasing their territories without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

With the shortage of land, the environment will suffer. More homes will lead to pollution. The health of nature will be affected by buildings that have emitted their gases right out. It is time to put new habitats on earth. Stop construction, start restoring and preserving the earth.

As human beings, the body can easily be affected by various diseases and pollution is one of them. Pollution will greatly endanger living creatures and animals and only humans have the power to stop it. It is considered to be the biggest killer of all time.

Mother earth is in grave danger. It is up to the human race to take part and stop doing all the madness. All nations must work together in solving these crises. Let the new generation feel the same commodities that old people have experienced.

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