Agriculture is a source of revenue for many economies, and hence, governments will highly invest in this sector. In cases where land has to be reclaimed, and the rainfall is not enough for farming, irrigation support will be needed. You may be interested in knowing the role a government plays in such a project. The following are some of the roles.

The extension officers play the role of the farmers on how best to carry out their activities. With more knowledge, more yields are achieved as people stop making mistakes that might have been affecting the productivity of their lands. They are also taught on how to prevent and treat certain diseases that are associated with certain crops. Each extension officer is supposed to give a report on his achievements at the end of the season.

Quality seeds and supplies must be used, and farmers may not access them without the help of a government. The supplies can be too expensive, forcing some people to avoid them completely. This results to low-quality yields that will not be marketable. However, with subsidies, the supplies become more affordable. The government may even give out supplies free of charge to encourage more people to be part of such a project.

When farmers are assured of a market for their produce, they feel encouraged to work hard and produce more. Lack of ready market is a challenge that puts many people off due to the losses counted. In some cases, middlemen become the only option, and since they are known to exploit farmers, many people will not see the need to cultivate on a large scale.

For this activity to be possible, there must be enough water. It is the role of the state to ensure that there is enough water in the areas where irrigation projects have been initiated. The body responsible for supplying this water should also be in a position to manage this resource. This means that the water should not be used inappropriately. There should be techniques to regulate usage.

Technical help is also required. If machines like sprinklers are used, there will be a need for technicians to help the farmers with the installation and maintenance. Many people will be discouraged if they have to spend a lot of time looking for a professional to help them out. Professionals will also be involved in designing the proper layouts on the farms.

Introducing a method to people and leaving them to execute it on their own is not right as they will still need guidance on several areas. You also need to be sure that they are doing everything the right way. The agricultural officers will hence conduct a follow-up so as to know how farmers are progressing. Mistakes can be detected and corrected early enough.

It is the role of the government to offer research facilities for agriculture, especially in areas that have to be reclaimed through irrigation. For all the crops to do well, the right varieties have to be planted and to know these varieties, a professional team has to conduct tests. The state hires and pays these professionals and provides all the resources they need for their work.

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