What Is Involved When Reinstating A Company 1

There are many instances in which a company can get struck off from the companies register. To begin with, it could be done on a voluntary basis, in which the directors no longer need it and make an application to close it off. They will be required to file all necessary documents. Also, it might be that the company has failed to file annual accounts as is required and within the right time. You can also have a business being struck off because it has been liquidated. In considering reinstating a company, there are various things to consider.

After a business gets struck off, the assets will not be available for use. Such assets can only usually be retrieved when one makes application at the courts to ask that they be restored. A business which is no longer registered will not be a legal entity anymore. That essentially means the company will not be able to do any trade, sue anyone or be sued or even get contracts, Further, they cannot own assets.

There are a number of reasons that would require one to have a company restored. As an example, there are instances when a business has a title to a certain asset, which could be money or some physical property. If that is the case, if you need to have that property recovered, you will have no other option but to have that business restored. The other instance could be when you are a third party and there are claims which remain unresolved. That would then mean that you have to get the company restored in order to get compensation.

Depending on the way that business was de-registered, there are several ways of having it restored. The two main methods are through administrative restoration and through court processes. The methods are very varied as regards the complexity, costs and time. You also need to note that some situations will require specific methods. If for instance the business was voluntarily struck off, you will only get to restore it via a court process.

There is the need to hire an attorney to oversee the proceedings. Court proceedings can especially be very complex and time consuming. The process is one that involves you having to liaise with registrar of companies and the courts. In certain instances, you would also need to involve tax advisers, accountants, liquidators and creditors.

The process also involves drafting of legal documents such as claim forms and witness statements. Owing to the very strict nature of having a business reinstated, you will need an attorney to prepare all documents which will be needed. The documents are then issued to the right parties and within the agreed time. The client will not worry about whether the process was done in the right way.

The fee which will be charged will depend on what method one uses. A number of attorneys charge a flat fee. Others also have other structures. When you are searching for an attorney, you should know what they will be charging.

It is also important to understand the aspect of disbursements. It is the fee that is charged by a third party. It includes government legal fees as well as court fees. These fees are collected from third parties and then paid off, on behalf of a client.

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